Product Marketing Deliverables: A Comprehensive Guide

Product Marketing Deliverables: A Comprehensive Guide

Product marketing is a strategic discipline that requires a deep understanding of the product, market, and customers. It’s about leveraging this expert knowledge to create compelling narratives that resonate with both internal teams and external audiences. The product marketing team plays a pivotal role in defining the product’s unique value proposition, crafting messaging, and executing strategies to promote the product effectively. This article explores the key deliverables that product marketing teams produce, shedding light on the tangible outputs that drive product success.

 The Core of Product Marketing: Understanding the Role

Product marketing is the voice of the product, articulating its value to both internal and external audiences. It’s a broad and strategic role that necessitates a deep dive into customers’ problems, their buyer journey, the company’s products, and the competition. The mission of product marketing is to position and sell the product by creating a narrative that connects with the audience on a deeper level .

 Key Deliverables of Product Marketing

Product marketing deliverables are the tools, materials, and assets that facilitate the successful launch and promotion of a product. These deliverables serve various purposes, such as educating customers, attracting prospects, and supporting sales teams. They encompass a wide range of items, both digital and physical, designed to effectively communicate a product’s value proposition and benefits .

 1. Marketing Programs and Events

Product marketing teams are instrumental in planning and executing marketing programs and events, including trade shows, online events, promotional campaigns, and customer events. They provide the messaging, content, and strategy, often working in collaboration with other marketing groups to ensure the campaign’s success .

 2. Customer Personas

Creating detailed buyer and user personas is a critical deliverable. These personas outline the buyer’s organization, the role of each persona, and their buyer’s journey. This includes identifying the information needed for buying decisions, reaching out to potential customers, and timing the marketing messages effectively. Accurate and detailed personas are essential for crafting persuasive arguments that resonate with the target audience .

 3. Marketing Materials

Marketing materials, such as brochures, promotional videos, websites, and social media assets, are essential deliverables for advertising a product or service. These materials are designed to attract prospects, educate customers, and support sales teams in their efforts to promote the product .

 4. Training and User Manuals

Product marketing teams also produce training materials and user manuals. These documents provide instructions on how to use the product, ensuring that customers can effectively leverage its features and benefits. Training and user manuals are crucial for customer satisfaction and retention .

 5. Test Results and Certifications

Ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations is another key deliverable. Product marketing teams are responsible for obtaining official test results and certifications, which validate the product’s quality and reliability .

 6. Client Reports and Documentation

Detailed client-oriented reports outlining project progress, achievements, and future recommendations are also part of the product marketing deliverables. These reports are essential for measuring the project’s success in meeting its objectives and client expectations .

 7. Other Related Activities

Product marketing teams may also contribute to initiatives led by other marketing groups, playing a part in planning and execution. This collaborative approach ensures that all marketing efforts are aligned and contribute to the overall success of the product .


Product marketing deliverables are the backbone of a successful product launch and promotion strategy. By focusing on these key deliverables, product marketing teams can effectively communicate the unique value of a product, engage with the target audience, and drive sustainable growth. Whether it’s through marketing programs, customer personas, or training materials, the tangible outputs of product marketing are designed to resonate with customers and support the product’s success in the market.